CHARGE AND REPLACE YOUR BATTERY EVERY TWO DAYS! And if your cat goes missing on the second day – you are out of luck!

Hi Pawtrack, my dad would love to purchase a GPS cat tracking system, however…

He has two cats, me and my brother, Gamma, that he wants to be able to keep tabs on.

The biggest problem he has with how your Pawtrack GPS system seems to work is that the battery life is ridiculously short, making it no more than a toy.

Why do I have this opinion?

He wants to be able to locate and find either of us when he needs to. That’s the reason for having a GPS on us! He does not feel the need to see images of where we have been, just for the fun of seeing them.

Picture this scenario:

We go out and one of us disappears for 2-3days. This is not uncommon for most of us cats. He then needs to be able to find us. Based on what I understand from the description of your Pawtrack GPS products, the battery would most likely be dead right at the time he needs to be able to find us. Therefore, your product seems to be no more than a toy designed to enable people to see where we have been, for the fun of it. But if ever their cat actually went AWOL, the battery would most likely be dead right at the time they need the system.

To purchase a cat Pawtrack GPS system, at a minimum, my dad would need the batteries to last reliably for at least a full week at a time. Charging once a week he feels is doable. The units would need to warn him that the batteries are getting low 2/3 days before they actually die.

Purchasing these Pawtrack units would be like my dad buying an electric car that needed to be charged every 2/3 miles.

While there are a lot of places where there are gas stations are within two miles of each other, there’s no way he would be willing to remember to charge it up at that frequency.

Similarly, considering he would want to cat GPS system to work 24/7 and only actually use it when he notices that one of us cat’s is missing, there’s no way in hell he would remember to change the battery every other day and or remember to charge the collar up that frequently.

Sometimes I think

He is not even always in the house during the day that frequently!

Pawtrack 2019 GPS Cat Tracking Collar, the toy for people with too much time on their hands… ; )

If you ever develop a useful product, please let me know, my dad would love to buy it!

To be fair, there is no other GPS cat tracker that seems to be significantly better… Unless you know better? If you do, please let me know by filling in the form on my home page.