Cat Toys

When we were about a year and a half old my dad made us a toy using just string and feathers. Me and Gamma had load of fun playing with it. Yes, that’s us growling as we play with our cat toys. We are not growling at each other more we are growing at the feathers. We treat them the same as we would if we caught a mouse when it tries to get away.

Simple Toy For Two Cats, Hiking, Catnip & Puzzles

Cat Bites

One of the hazards of traveling a lot is that occasionally we encounter and aggressive Tom Cat. They are not very friendly and tend to want to fight. Gamma got a nasty bite on his tail which got a bit infected. The very had the shave the area to treat it. Gamma ended up with a section of his tail just bear skin. For some reason mum and dad thought it was really cute.

Cat Hikes

Occasionally dad takes us out into the hills for a hike. We love this, we like to explore and will walk for several miles. We are a bit slow though because we like to keep stopping and exploring little parts of the trail.

Cat TV

Sometimes there’s a cat on TV. We like cat videos and do not understand why every show does not include cats.


Mum planted some catnip in the back yard. She is a Rockstar. She picked and dried some and left them on the sewing table for Gamma. He was very appreciative.

Cat Puzzles

I like food puzzles. The one that dad bought was easy to crack.

Cat Water Avoidance

Neither of us particularly like water. It was fun walking around the lake, but the pier was a bit unnerving.

Cat Sleep

After a hike, we like nothing better than to have a good sleep on the dashboard of our motor-home.