My Name Is Beta And I Am A Cat

I travel the U.S. with my mom, dad & brother in our motorhome. I love exploring new places and dining out on lizards and crickets.

Why don’t I run away? I get regular meals, groomed, warm place to sleep, free travel and free medical. I’m not stupid.

Not Everyone Understands Us Cats

I like hiking in the mountains with my Dad. Especially up where there are no people, dog demons or dragons. I do not like being kept indoors. I like to go out, particularly at dusk and dawn.

I am a carnivorous hunter by nature, get used to it! When I can’t hunt, I get very frustrated.

My Favorite Thing To Do Is, Sleep Somewhere Warm

So if I am sleeping on your lap, KEEP STILL.

It amazes me that some humans seem to have a lot of trouble learning our language. It’s really not that difficult.  For example, “I’m happy and relaxed in your company – slow blink”, “I’m warm and comfortable and like what you are doing – purr” and “I’m hungry – meow”.

I like to be scratched and cuddled but, only while I am in the mood. When I’ve had enough, I’ll let you know with the, “stop doing that – tail flick”. If you are dense or not paying attention, I’ll just move away, grab you with my claws, or pretend to bite you.

I’ve learned all the important human words, my name “Beta”, “food?”, “outside?”, “catnip?” and “ARRRGH”.

I like hanging out with my brother, Gamma. I’m number two, he is number three, get it?

My dad put a dongle on my collar and when it beeps, I come running. As long as I am not busy, that is. When hunting I may be very busy, being very still and waiting to pounce.